Iria (australian shepherd)

Litter name - IRULAN CORRINO Altura - after Herbert's DUNE saga princess, heiress of the galactic empire. Home name - Iria - after the Zeiram the Animation bounty hunter.
Born in 2010, from show type parents, then raised by a Polish village kennel where her mother herded goats and assisted the breeder's family, other bred dogs (Bernese Mountain) and farm animals.

Firmly focused on her human handler, always ready to play / train something, discover new places, face a new situation which her humans are taking part in, or just to be useful.
Due to accidental life experiences she became a fearful dog, trying to keep distance if other dog approaches straight out or too fast. However, she is a perfect dog, challenging as a youngster, always eager to work as an adult, which taught me to read canine signals (our BAT practice), shaped me as a dog trainer and made me modify my career decisions - changing from my IT job to a certified animal behaviorist.