Understanding natural canine behavior is essential similarly to understanding gray wolf as an apex predatory species.

Hacking, as the proper definition, is not reserved only for programming and IT related security, where hacker should be a skilled person owning enough essential pro-technical knowledge to solve a specific problem.
Life hacking,

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In pratum

Majority of our last year seasons were dedicated to unleashed suburban dog-walks led through the Subcarpathian meadows and along the San river bank.
Meadows are 'suburbs of forests'. Bieszczady Mountains are characterised by the following elevation levels.

  • Foothills [Polish pogórze, up to 500m] - formerly deciduous forests grubbed by humans
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European jackal-wolf ecology

Circa a week ago, I read that Jackals now vastly outnumber Europe’s wolves, totaling at most 117000 by the latest official estimate. By contrast, a high estimate of Europe’s wolves is about 17,000. Slovenia itself has somewhere between 200 and 400 jackals, Dr. Krofel estimated, and about

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Wolf-dog hybridisation draft

It is obvious and scientifically confirmed, gray wolf and domestic dog can randomly cross resulting with a hybrid as a consequence of pairing each other different - however infertile (capable of interbreeding), matched by sufficient parental compatibility - species/subspecies individuals, succeeding with a birth of viable offspring.

Notice: It

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