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Like a painted wolf

Image of the wolf, even if negative, was clearly underlined marking its place in history. It showed up in lore, fairy tales, songs, paintings and even in children's play. Invariably, it was waking extreme emotions - fear or admiration, often both of them simultaneously, not allowing itself to be forgotten.

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Wolf in Japan

The first connotation which comes to my mind when I think about Japan is a specific contrast and balance - both such opposite as inseparable, completing each other, seemingly contrary sides. The past and the future, archaic and futuristic, tradition and technology, folklore and pop-culture - shaping Nippon same historically

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Survive until dawn

Gaming until dawn during a couple of hot summer days was strange but a surprisingly refreshing experience - snow everywhere, freezing winter, eight friends in the abandoned mountain park and a shadow of native America lore.

  • Dreamcatcher is a simple tool - handmade willow hoop woven net/web and finished
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