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European jackal-wolf ecology

Circa a week ago, I read that Jackals now vastly outnumber Europe’s wolves, totaling at most 117000 by the latest official estimate. By contrast, a high estimate of Europe’s wolves is about 17,000. Slovenia itself has somewhere between 200 and 400 jackals, Dr. Krofel estimated, and about

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Wolf-dog hybridisation draft

It is obvious and scientifically confirmed, gray wolf and domestic dog can randomly cross resulting with a hybrid as a consequence of pairing each other different - however infertile (capable of interbreeding), matched by sufficient parental compatibility - species/subspecies individuals, succeeding with a birth of viable offspring.

Notice: It

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A few words about wolves of the Chernobyl Zone

In August 2018, the first animal leaving Chernobyl Exclusion Zone was evidenced by scientists. According to the publicized report, a young collared wolf (1-2 years), being a CEZ resident, travelled 365km reaching Russia perimeter territory. The dispersal of a young wolf is an important observation because it suggests that the

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